I’m on the right track, baby

Oh and Lady Gaga finally put out the video for “Born This Way,” on the morning after the Oscars no less (whoa dude remember Oscars?)! Which makes it difficult for those of us who, ahem, cover the entertainment world, but was probably a smart news-making move on her part.

I am reassured by this. I mean she didn’t hit it out of the park, or anything – unlike “Bad Romance” or “Telephone,” I am not compelled to watch it again as soon as it ends. But its a fun video, and I’m liking it more every time I watch it.

That first part, with the, like kaleidoscope vagina thing, and something about EVIL that vaguely reminds me of The Matrix? I really did not like that. But now that I’ve watched it a few times and reminded myself that Gaga is in on all the jokes, ever, I’m realizing how hilarious it is. For one thing, its incredibly gay (Elton John may have told her that “Born This Way” was the gayest song ever but then the video wasn’t out yet). And its so tacky and goopy looking, like some 14-year-old in art school reenacted the end of Rocky Horror. Or something? That symmetry effect is supposed to look tacky, and whoever was in charge of smearing those long silver nails with goo was clearly having a great time.

Tacky, yet incredible

I love love LOVE the skeletons – thats a Gaga moment. No one else has done that, its weird and cool and creepy, and you see it and you’re just like yeah. Yeah. And all the parts of her dancing with her tattoos with those shiny lens flares is cool and fun and looks like a music video, but better, with those weird moments in paint and her great nutty square face makeup.

Square face makeup, yes?

The makeup’s cool, but its not quite “The whole world is going to hate it in the best kind of way” (really go read that Vogue article if you haven’t already, I’ll wait. Its such a kick). I mean its cool, but its just more Gaga. Its not really surprpising if she has not quite maintained perspective on the reactions to her actions, or her own place in all this (“This is the manifesto of Mother Monster”). The more I think about her the harder it all seems to maintain, the more amazing it is that we got here. At the same time that the world loves her and photographs her every move and her fans have some sort of special “connection” (Little Monsters vs. Beliebers throwdown, anyone?), she has this aura of impentrability, of mystery, of unknowningness. Like I think she has a boyfriend, but is that even imaginable? Her boning Ryan Phillipe on the sly, or whatever? How can she keep it up? And she’s only TWENTY FOUR!

But that’s neither here nor there. Its a good video. Its cool. Its MJ – a dance song with an elaborate, overproduced spectacular, something with more of a theme than a story, that adds to and accentuates the beat. My anticipation is restored.

I really don’t like how skinny’s she’s gotten, though. All she does, they say, is tour, record, and work out…

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