Snow White and the multiple adaptations

Man, if my Hollywood Reporter subscription ever does expire, what will I blog about? (Don’t answer that). That venerable and very glossy magazine tells me that, for whatever reason, 2011 is the year of Snow White? As in, these are two movies being made right now:

Snow and the Seven, which, if you couldn’t tell from the vaguely-hip-but-not title, is made by Disney. It has a writer from Toy Story 3, so that’s cool? And it takes place in 19th century China whaa?

Google Image result for 'china snow white'

And then, they are also making a movie called Snow White and the Huntsman, which already sounds sexier, and it has Kristen Stewart as a pale girl with very dark hair and very red lips, and Charlize Theron playing I don’t know what, and then Viggo Mortensen, as, presumably, the hunter, and I hadn’t really thought about Viggo Mortensen since LOTR

I totally should have been, though

but now, man, that just seems like great casting. Like whenever I think about the hunter in Snow White (so like 8 or 9 times a day, duh) I’ll be thinking of Viggo.

Now of course TS3 is the greatest, but I don’t think its just my weird and unusual love of Kristen Stewart that makes the second one sound better?

I like her I can't help it!

I’m also sort of excited/bewildered by this new trend of sexy fairy tales, where you take basic fairy tales and make them, not “gritty” exactly, but, like, adult and full of blood and boobs and stuff.  (Two is a trend right? Like, if there were, say, two movies about Snow White coming out around the same time…). I mean I guess the obvious starting point is Twilight with its oversaturated reds and vague mythic echoes on top of soap-operatic heaving and tears and stuff, but I’m intrigued at the addition of actual hearts being torn out and the eating of people and what not. Fairy tales and myths, man, what can’t you do with ’em.

Update: Wow, uh, so, I opened last week’s Entertainment Weekly this morning on the bus and found…a two page article about fairy tale adaptations. Come on, EW, we should work together on these things!

It turns out there are three adaptations of “Snow White” in the works. The one I didn’t mention has Julia Roberts? As the Evil Queen, so, ok. And no kicky title as of yet, as far as I could tell. And then there are a billion other fairy tale themed movies – Beastly, which, ugh, but we’ll talk about that later, and a Hansel and Gretel thing that looks great and then some Jack in the Beanstalk movie that if I had to guess will never happen.

And that is why I actually pay for Entertainment Weekly.

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3 Responses to Snow White and the multiple adaptations

  1. Yoni says:

    Viggo Mortensen was in Eastern Promises. Anyone remember that? He was nominated for an Oscar…

    Also, I suggest you check out Neil Gaiman’s Snow White short story.

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