I am as constant as the Northern star

Also, if you’re not into James Blake yet, you should be.

This is a cover of a song I really like, but he does his own stuff too and he is super great. One of the rare indier-than-thou artists doing something radical and new and exploding what a song can be or whatever, but that is just so pretty and great you can get in there almost immediately. Do it.

(Make sure you listen to that one with good speakers/headphones!)

Wait that’s a cover too.

Ok! See he even takes songs that aren’t his and reinvents them and makes them more¬†interesting, and plays with the space to do something new…Its like this thing I was reading about Cezanne’s paintings, about how what is interesting is what is not painted, what is not clear, the white space around the space, the sounds between the sounds, and now that I’ve used modern art to talk about the new Pitchfork darling I’m signing off. James Blake! Great! Also totally cute!

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