Oh and also that new Lady Gaga song

When I first heard it, like first thing in the morning because, babies, this is NEWS, I had this moment of being, like, “but wait, this is just a song.” I guess in the pause between albums, with all the essays and the discussions and the critical theory blogs and rewatching “Telephone” a billion times, somewhere in there I forgot that she makes pop songs. I was expecting something huge, and amazing, something that would redefine all my notions of what a song is and could be, like she does with hats and dresses, something conceptual.


But of course its just a song. I am far from the first person to notice that Gaga’s gaga-ness is much more interesting than a lot of her music.

Its not that its a bad song – its not. Its fun and danceable, and catchy, though only time will tell whether its “Bad Romance” catchy or “Alejandro” catchy. Its the kind of song that I go back and forth on – I listen to it and I’m like “this is better than I remembered,” and then I listen to it again and I’m like “Don’t be a drag just be a queen’ is a terrible line,” etc. But I do think I like it, in the end.

Its just that she’s so incredibly good at being famous, at everything around the music, that I wanted the music to catch up. It seemed like it might, like it was getting there – The Fame Monster tracks are definitely more complex and mold-breaking than The Fame ones. And so I was hoping that Born This Way would make her as interesting as she can be, as she has )and good for her) convinced us that she is. And maybe it will be. Until then, I eagerly anticipate the “Born This Way” video.

And wow, she has gotten skinny.

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