Valentine’s Day recommendations!

The podcast I listen to, NPR’s “Pop Culture Happy Hour” (this is the only podcast/NPR product I participate in, but its realllly delightful – a good way to entertain yourself when you have to walk somewhere on your own, for instance) was doing Valentine’s Day recommendations, both sincere and sardonic, on their most recent episode. As often happens when I listen to someone else make recommendations or decisions about pop-culturey things, I of course started to compose my own recommendations, from sincere through to sardonic, sort of, in my own little radio-ready NPR voice, with my little asides because I am kind of a weird nerd. Anyway, here they are!

Of all the many many things I’ve read, seen, heard, etc., about love, none of them have been as accurate, to me, as “Crazy in Love.” That feeling of first falling for someone, of walking to a party where you know they’ll be there – “tennis shoes don’t even need to buy a new dress/if you ain’t there ain’t no body else to impress,” of feeling totally bowled over by this new feeling, I’m not myself, baby, I’m foolish, I don’t do this. I mean, can you say those words out loud to someone and not be like, whoa? You got me sprung and I don’t care who sees. And the bouncy beat underneath it, the barely frantic “uh oh uh oh uh no no”, those big bold trumpets, surprised by loving it, not to mention Jay-Z in chinchilla, just in case we weren’t sure who this was all about. And then that build up at the end of his verse, the bridge that’s wild and out there and loving it, so not in control – “I been playing myself, and baby, I don’t care!” Its the beat that my heart skips when I’m with you.

And also a pretty terrible video! Who knew.

If, however, you aren’t feeling crazy in love on this V-Day (or day after V-day, how did it get so late??), might I suggest that instead of watching reruns of Blind Date (do they stil show that now that UPN is gone?) you use your time to catch up on/start Questionable Content? Its not technically a love comic, or romance, or anything like that, but when I was thinking of love-y things to recommend, thats what I thought of. Its like an indie-er, weirder sitcom, in the sense that its a bunch of people hanging out, telling jokes, and having long, slow plot arcs, dating and then not dating each other, mostly. Its sort of wacky and he has a talking robot pet, because its a webcomic. But mostly its a bunch of people you want to hang out with, and every time I go to catch up I am sad when I get to the most recent comic, because that means I can’t hang out with my gang of friends anymore.

You could!

Pretty much everything I know about being a yuppie is from QC, HIMYM, and some combination of Awl and NYMag related blogs.

Of course, if you really want to remember why, as a balloon I saw at Safeway put it, “Love…Who needs it?”, there’s always My Big Friggin’ Wedding, probably showing a marathon somewhere near you.

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