The new generation of prophets, because it’s Ladies First.

I owe The Hairpin an apology, you know.

They have a logo, did you know that?

Awhile back I was not exactly complimentary about this delightful site, and I know all of you who rely on this blog to know exactly how to feel about various goofy websites were like “Well! The Hairpin is not for me!” but oh man it so is. It turns out that, as usual, I was just slow at getting to things, and that The Hairpin is now my new favorite thing.

I have read this post about "The Winter Boyfriend" like 20 times and I still think it is totally hilarious and weird and great every time. Click click.

I got more into it as it got sweeter, and also once they stopped posting IM conversations, because that is literally the most annoying thing the internet can do, unless its a conversation between Gabe and Lindsay (RIP). Anyway, now it is about girls/ladies/women (is there a way to refer to females that is not dumb? Discuss), but in a sort of “this is something I think you’d find interesting!” way, a way that is not limited to only women reading or enjoying it. Its woman’s site that is about being a chick, and what it is to be a girl and a feminist and trying to make it in this crazy patriarchy, but also about bras and makeup and clothes. Where else can you read an incredibly useful piece of service journalism about bra shopping, that is both funny and entertaining and non-judgemental and useful? Nowhere.

The "Ask a Dude" column - because Dan Savage only writes once a week

Its like a community, fluffly and fun and cute but also serious, and also incredibly funny. Its one of the only feminist/women sites I can think of that is feminist without being only about feminism, that is for women but also acknowledges that sometimes women want to think about things that aren’t “women things”, like TV and dreams and ghosts and kissing and sex and funny pictures and weird things from the 60’s. And, unlike some feminist sites that I have stumbled on, it is not judgmental or exclusionary or alienating or whiney but this is clearly a rant for a different time ok!

Point is – The Hairpin is so funny that if you try to read it at work sometimes you will be doing that silent shaking with laughter thing so violently that these weird snorts will bubble up and you’ll have to pretend you are coughing over your spreadsheets or something before immediately clicking back to find some other great Hairpin post. Hairpin I Love You.

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