Mauve his mop and other mashed up movies

Dudes, have you seen this?

Go click - its like this, but longer!

It won’t embed right, but someone figured out that if you stich all the “McBain” clips that are sprinkled throughout random Simpsons episodes into one piece, they make this delightful little mini “action” movie. Its super great, but also, how did the bazillions of Simpsons supernerds not see this until now? Sheesh.

Anyway, this got me think about other delightful movie mashup thingies that I, and am sure you, have come across in our Internet travels. Here are my absolute favorites, the ones I have bookmarked and have watched like, lots of times, and still watch and still think are really funny. Service journalism!

Now you know what to say when someone says “you look like shit”. (“What do you want, I just got out of prison,” “No, I look like a ten-inch dick, and you know it” or “I”m Bruce Willis.”)

Videogum! It was a thing. I think I probably stopped being able to read it after I did a PowerPoint presentation on the indexicality and cross referential community building in its comment language(really?), but Gabe Delahaye remains a genius and I still think that video is really really funny, even if it does not actually have any jokes.

And totally the best one of all…

Man, this has just reaffirmed my desire to watch every Nicolas Cage movie ever. And this is only the best Nicolas Cage movie mashup, there are other delightful ones, too, but I picked one because otherwise this post would just turn into ‘hilarious things about Nicolas Cage’ (wait, hmm…).

Those are the ones I like. What are your favorites?

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3 Responses to Mauve his mop and other mashed up movies

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  2. Yoni says:

    1) What was that one with all of the titles of the movies?

    2) Important thoughts on the Nic Cage one:
    I’m confused by this clip. These are like thirty different movies, and in each one he plays a very different character, there is a very different plot, and there is a very different director. Yet in all of these movies, he FREAKS THE FUCK OUT! Why is this? Is it by design that Nic Cage always ends up in movies where he does something crazy? Not movies where he plays a crazy person (although those are obviously also in there) but rather generally movies where he is a normal person who at one point yells like crazy and does something insane. Is this something Nic Cage looks for in movies? Does he ask his agent “Can you make sure that my next movie has a scene where I can yell”? Do directors think about that one scene in the script with a ton of bizarre screaming and think “Nic Cage is my man”? Does Nic Cage reliably take really boring parts of scripts and decide that the right way to act it is to be batshit insane? Is this just some bizarre coincidence? WHAT IS GOING ON?

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