Anna Bank loves TV!

And watches more TV than Shira, who realized a few days ago that she has watched nothing in 2010 that actually came out in 2010 except a few episodes of “True Life: I’m Addicted to Food” and “Millionaire Matchmaker” at the gym. Luckily, Anna Bank watches TV like a normal person, much of it on NBC, and has feelings about it! Here they are:

1) Mad Men — Those clothes.  That lighting.  Everyone drinking and smoking and being terrible to one another and having so many struggles and so much sadness.  Mad Men has the most complicated characters and the coolest style and the strongest emotional punch. It’s the best show.  Wow.

Click on Don Draper!

2) Parks and Recreation — I felt like one of my non-existent children had been taken away from me when I learned that P&R wouldn’t be back until January.  The addition of Rob Lowe and Adam Scott at the tail end of last season was the perfect icing on this delicious comedy cake. The biggest props go to Aziz Ansari for straight killing every line, but the whole cast is a treat.
3) Community — Community is a very funny show.  Everyone talks about how cool all the meta-jokes are, and they’re right.  But in the last couple of episodes, Dan Harmon has proved that it can be a sad show, too, and I mean that in the best possible way.  These characters have feelings, but not too many.  As long as they can keep up that balance, this show is pretty perfect. 

4) Party Down — Party Down was hilarious.  Honestly, though, I’m not that sad that it was cancelled.  Much like Veronica Mars, its obvious inspiration/casting source/big sister, it jumped the shark a little bit on its way out.  But Adam Scott is a perfectly adorable asshole, and the OMG-did-they-just-say-that quotient is higher for this show than anything else on TV this year. We’ll always have two golden seasons.

I can vouch for this one - Party Down is like the best show ever.

5) 30 Rock — I started this blurb thinking that I was going to say that 30 Rock has let its guard down a little bit this year, and that I can’t think of any recent episodes that lived up to the all-time awesome of “Apollo, Apollo,” “MILF Island,” or “The Funcooker.”  But what about “Reaganing”?  What about “Brooklyn Without Limits”?  This season, like every season of 30 Rock, is great.  Keep it up, guys. 

6) Modern Family — I suppose this is technically an ensemble comedy, but I think we can all agree that it’s Ty Burrell’s show.  As Shira astutely pointed out, cool dad jokes are the best.  Phil Dunphy is the best.  Modern Family rocks.

Also Sofia Vergara is so hot

7) Parenthood — This show doesn’t get nearly enough credit.  Peter Krause (Casey from Sports Night! [Nate from Six Feet Under! – Ed. note] ) is ridiculously endearing as the oldest of four adult siblings living in Berkeley, and Erika Christensen is totally on point as the lawyer-gunner baby sister.  Sure, there are some cringe-y moments, but I’m okay with that.

8) Friday Night Lights — High school shows are notoriously bad at dealing with what happens when their characters grow up, and sports shows in general struggle with the fact that there just aren’t that many permutations of win, loss, tie.  But FNL circumvents all of that by just being heart-wrenchingly awesome.  Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

An answer to that age-old question, who do I most want to bone on Friday Night Lights?

9) How I Met Your Mother — HIMYM’s set-up is losing some steam, but it’s still a very pleasantly comfortable totally unrealistic 22 minutes of comedy, and sometimes that’s all I want. 

10) Glee — I have lots and lots of criticisms of Glee, as I think everyone does by now.  But I still think that creating a consistently watchable hour-long musical dramedy with at least one quirky quotable line and slam-dunk novelty workout jam per episode is an accomplishment worthy of top 10 status.

Yep. Ok!

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