Baby, ooh, I wanna be your all you ever talk about

My favorite songs by The-Dream, in order:

[Bold is Love Hate (2007), regular is Love Vs. Money (2009), italics is Love King (2010)]

  1. Yamaha
  2. Rockin’ That Shit
  3. She Needs My Love
  4. Right Side of My Brain
  5. Fast Car
  6. Abyss

7. Sex Intelligent Remix

8. Mr. Yeah

9. Love King

10. Fancy

11. Florida University (“What rhymes with asshole? Asshole.”)

12. Let Me See The Booty (Ft. Lil Jon)

13. Walkin’ on the Moon (Ft. Kanye West)

14. February Love

15. Sweat It Out

16. Kellys 12 Play

17. Love Vs. Money Part 2

The Dream is one of those people I would totally bone, but only on the merits of their artistic output, not their physical attractiveness, per se.

18. Panties to the Side

19. Sorry

20. Sex Intelligent

21. Make Up Bag (ft T.I.)

22. Purple Kisses

23. Nikki Part 2

24. Shawty is Da Sh*! (ft Fabolous)

25. Put It Down

I know you got a small waist, but...

26. Nikki

27. Falsetto

28. Take You Home 2 My Mama

29. Ditch That…

30. Priceless

31. Love Vs Money

32. My Love (ft Mariah Carey)

33. Veteran

34. Take Care of Me

35. Livin A Lie (ft. Rihanna)

I'll never be a pop star, I'm too raw

36. Turnt Out

37. F.I.L.A.

38. Playin’ In Her Hair

39. Mama

40. All Black Everything

41. Luv Songs

42. I Luv Your Girl

43. Money Intro

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5 Responses to Baby, ooh, I wanna be your all you ever talk about

  1. AnnaBank says:

    Very happy to see Fast Car in the top 5. But you are severely underselling Make Up Bag.

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