Speak now

The other day, Anna and I were talking about T. Swift’s new album (duh), and she said

“Anna:  oh i mean

i’m not gonna like

write a blog post or anything

but i was somewhat annoyed”

Oh, but its so pretty!

Which is, we can all agree, an eminently admirable sentiment. But the problem with this silly little blog (and thank you all for reading it and making it feel slightly less silly) is now, when I think of something clever or witty or just worth knowing, I have the debate over whether to text it, or put it as a gchat status, or a Facebook status, or somewhere else on Facebook, or send an email (mass or singular) OR to blog. And I don’t even have Twitter, thank god.

This image will make sense in a minute

For instance,  when I read that Hugh Jackman’s next project is described as a “robot boxing movie,” well, someone had to know. But who? And how exactly to disseminate that information? The trials of modern life.

I guess the converse of is when I have to go through my (dumb) phone and delete text messages because I am living in the 1600s and can only store 300 at once, and being so pleased as I scroll through at how witty and clever and pithy the people I know are. Keep it up, friends.

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