Restoring pithiness and/or nerds

Rally! Ok! We had one, and lots of people, and carried signs that were ironic/”ironic”/earnest/too many words on them/meta/silly. This was my favorite:

Its funnier in even less context

And it was all very crowded, and no one really seemed to know how to feel. Mostly I just felt nerdy – everyone seemed very quirky. There were lots of xkcd tshirts, and signs that said “Bring Back Firefly” or “Repeal Rule 34!” (I think thats pretty funny, actually).

The best moment of the whole day, actually, occurred when we had had our fill of pushing people around and craning our necks, and were sitting behind the stage on the mall, being grouchy. A dude in a Bobba Fett mask walked by with his friends, carrying a piece of paper that said, “Bobba Fett loves yo mama’s pancakes” (sure). Walking at an angle past them was a boy, maybe 10, dressed as Yoda, and his dad. His dad saw Bobba Fett, and signalled to his kid. Yoda ran over, and tapped him on the shoulder. Bobba Fett turned around, and looked excited, and they shook hands. The dad took a picture of the two of them with their signs (the kid’s said “Love each other, you will” or something like that), and then they looked at each other, and went their separate ways. That is what the rally is all about.

And this seems like the point to mention how much I like that msnbc’s new slogan is “Lean Forward.” Its brilliant – the more you think about it, the less sense it makes, but it makes you feel like its something important, something you want to be a part of. Yes. I am leaning (politics!) in the right direction (progress!). It would be a good protest sign (no it wouldn’t.)

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