What a job this is

As evinced by the earlier post, my love for Katy Perry was a somewhat recent revelation.


What could possibly have taken me so long


But part of this sudden change of heart, I think, is my recent realization that, for these female pop stars, you can sit there and argue about what they mean all you want, they’re still gonna do what they gotta do.


For better or worse.


Like, Camille Pagilla wrote this article? About how Lady Gaga….I don’t even know, just, it isn’t very good. Its an interesting read, actaually, because she’s right about a lot of it – Lady Gaga makes sex sound robotic, Lady Gaga isnt sexy she’s just crazy looking, etc – but fails to realize that those are good things, and, in fact, are quite obviously done on purpose, to varying degrees of effectiveness.


Camille Paglia: Understands sex


Like the NYTimes article on Katy, the one titled “A Pop Cartoon Springs Out of the Playbook,” (thanks, NYT!) puts it: “Still, her credibility has been questioned throughout her career: is she a symbol of rebellion or a rote representation of a good girl gone bad, a manufactured product of the music industry or an individual with a loopy sense of style, blah blah blah, but can you dance to it?”


Goddamnit right you can


Its like Snoop says, in “What A Job“, the greatest hip hop ode to the working life ever written:

And then again the public need that, we gotta make hot music/ Cause if it ain’t hot it don’t mean shit/ But you know, it’s all in a day’s work

Or like that in New Yorker article about Bob Dylan (Louis Menand, I will read anything you want to talk about!), the one guy who is a very hardline folkie type says about ‘Dylan going electric’ –

The purists are out in the audience kibitzing, not onstage trying to make a living.

(I just figured out how to do the “quote in blog” thing, can you tell? [I also figured out how to make “jumps”. You’re welcome]) Now, granted, this newfound adoration for people who treat their art like the managing of a particularly crucial supply route might have something to do with the fact that my life is remarkably art free and heavy on the “job,” but….still. Still.


Cause if it ain't hot it don't mean shit



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