What Would Uncle Jesse Do.

This week’s Entertainment Weekly mentioned something I had not ever known before – that John Stamos played the congas in the video for the Beach Boys song “Kokomo.”

Its true:

Somehow, however, they failed to mention John Stamos’s incredible pink tank top. Or the random shots of Tom Cruise with Tom Cruise hair (on anyone else that would be referred to as “stupid hair”). Or those girls who are so white hot they burn up the screen. The Boys themselves are actually the most normal looking people in this video – what else would you expect middle-aged men to wear on vacation if not white pants, beards, and a saxaphone?

Also in Entertainment Weekly this week, Owen Gleiberman reviews The Social Network, and, much like this blog, the whole thing turns into a Jesse Eisenberg love fest. Sample section: “With his close-cropped curls and pursed lips that make him look like a Jewish-preppy John Lydon….The actor takes on a whole new aspect-he’s a geek programmed for revenge. And he’s mesmerizing.” It’s intense.

So yeah – lest we forget, John Stamos was, at one point, really hot. And is now a member of the Beach Boys’ touring band.

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2 Responses to What Would Uncle Jesse Do.

  1. Office Manager says:

    There’s definitely an episode of Full House when Uncle Jesse plays with the band. I seem to remember that it’s Kokomo, but I may just be mesmerized by this video.


  2. Steph says:

    YOU HAVE BEEN SO PROLIFIC AT POSTING THAT I AM SO BEHIND!!! OH NO! So midterms are happening for those of us stupid enough to still be in school, but upon their domination I will backtrack to every post I have not posted on and go from there.

    I MISS YOU. I love your blog. And Uncle Jesse. Who is also now on Glee as a dentist.

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