You know what’s cool? A billion dollars.

The Social Network! Its out!

This is our time!

So very much has been written about this deeply silly movie that I’m not gonna say that much more about my thoughts besides “I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to.” I will, however, write certain thoughts about certain relevant participants in this project. You’re welcome.

Jesse Eisenberg <3 – I think I was predisposed to like Mark Zuckerberg after that nice New Yorker piece they wrote on him, which meant that I was predisposed to not like a movie that was about how much of a dick he was, but I also think that Jesse, dear Jesse, had something to do with it.  He is having a very good time lately! Meteoric rise, you could say! And there’s something about him…I’m not gonna say star power, but, I dont know, I just want to like him. Lets put it this way – Michael Cera would never have been Mark Zuckerberg.

That is Aaron Sorkin there.

Aaron Sorkin – Ok, we get it. You hate the internet, people who use the internet, people who think they are better than you, women (except when you are pining after them!), and anything that smacks of an time period after the ones that you understand. Oh, and WASPs – the best lines in the movie, I think, were the ones making fun of the Winklevosses. I liked those.

Andrew Garfield – No one that good looking would only be picked for a club out of “diversity,” or stay with a girl who’s clearly crazy, or only want to belong, etc. It will surprise no one who has seen the movie that Eduardo was a consultant on the book that the script was based on.

That being said, I am very much looking forward to Andrew Garfield being a movie star. Perhaps while naked.

David Fincher – I imagine it was hard for such a visual director to have to ping pong around Aaron Sorkin’s words for two hours, but did we need to watch 20 minutes of dramatically-shot rowing and droplets and sweat and boats and pursed brows and colors to make up for it?

Trent Reznor – You did great. The music was awesome! Also, you were Nine Inch Nails! This is a confusing but great combination of facts.

Larry Summers – I’m so glad you were in this movie, and that you were very mean.

Justin Timberlake – Oh, Justin. Please please PLEASE go back to making music. Please?

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