No one man should have all that power

Whoever’s job it is to pick music for “The Social Network” trailers, I want to know you. (And I know its not Aaron Sorkin, since both of these songs came out after 1975 [burn?])

“Creep”? Really? As sung by a choir of, it turns out, Belgian teenage girls, as conducted by a pair of slightly creepy bald brothers? Really, like really? (also my favorite part of this trailer – “We’ll sue him in federal court!” Federal! Court!)

And now there’s one with “Power”:

Which is just hilarious on several different levels.

Its not that these are bad choices, per se, they’re just such…choices. Like there must be a clear goal here. Someone really thought about this. I just have no idea what they were thinking.

Whatever. I’m totally excited.

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2 Responses to No one man should have all that power

  1. Steph says:

    I AGREE TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY, I love that version of Creep and want to find it somewhere on the internetz and download it.

    FUN FACT: all the “Harvard” parts (or at least most of them) were filmed at MY CAMPUS! Because Hahvahd was too exclusive, haha. I tried to lurk in to a few scenes. I can’t wait to see this film, I wish we could see it together…

  2. i love that this blog is basically a conversation between you and me, steph. you make me look legit! we should totally see ‘social network’ together – lets do a text-along?

    also i’m really happy with the earrings i chose with this outfit. just wanted you to know :)

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