Turn and face the strange….

Hello friends. Those of you who are loyal readers of this blog (all .5 of you!) may have noticed that I disappeared from late June until mid-September (now). I have no particularly good excuse, except that I was moving and applying for jobs and working at the best job (job?) ever and packing and unpacking constantly. Like, forever.

This was me, forever.

But I’m back now, for realzz, hopefully. With the posting more than once a week (hopefully!!). So, in lieu of a mopey post about changes and nostalgia, I present to you this.

In the course of packing up the room I have lived in since I was 14, I have found:

1 needlepoint picture of a wreath with “And they lived happily ever after…” stitched inside, and then “Harry and Draco” underneath. I believe a friend made this for me in high school. The work is quite detailed.

1 awesome binder with awesome dolphins on it, contianing the full libretto of “Into the Woods,” printed out from the internet, in “courier” font.

1 fanfiction, basically, that I wrote for my English AP class in 11th grade where we were asked to rewrite Alice in Wonderland in the style of another work, or something. I did Sandman.

On a legal pad.

Even better was what we found in the basement – a box labelled “Princeton University stationery” that contained petrified wood, the skull of a small animal, nails, a starfish, a shell, a Tibetan prayer wheel, those screw things you use on a door, and an unlabelled cassette tape, which turned out to contain my high school choir teacher singing the bass part of “Yo Ya”

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