‘Are you Iron Man?’ ‘Sometimes.’

So I saw Iron Man 2 a second time, and you know, I liked it. More than the first time, even.

What's not to like?

I have realized, as I believe I’ve mentioned before, that what I like in movies, often, are set pieces – gorgeous sequences, scenes, chases, arguments, fights, entrances, etc., that work and look cool and feel right and have a beat you can dance to. I like whiz bangs, cleverness, charisma, one-liners – RDJ, basically.

Pictured: charisma

The problem with this movie (franchise?) is that Tony is so cool that nothing can stand against him. He’s so much smarter than Vanko, he even tells him that himself. He is smarter than whats killing him, smarter than his feelings, smarter than the US government (well duh), smarter than his dad, even. Which is what we like about him –he’s the ace. But it doesn’t quite work for a movie, for dramatic tension. In this movie, they just threw things at him, there were like 15 plots, which means there was no plot at all. We like seeing Tony foiled, like seeing the things he can’t invent his way out of – Pepper, his relationship with his father, his own flaws and self-destruction. The movies will work as gorgeous as they could be when they find a worthwhile conflict, and don’t just keep trying to level up.

Or, maybe The Avengers will solve everything?

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