some Lady Gaga feelings

Lady Gaga has a new video, for “Alejandro”. Oh, Gaga, everyone has so much to say about you all the time!

I can't imagine why...

I was going to try to explain all my feelings about this video (my feelings are: it was very boring), but Jezebel basically said everything that needed to be said in their post on it. Yes it is offensive to everyone, there is lots of latex, I couldnt get through the whole thing.

But even more importantly, that Jezebel post included the video for “Teeth”

Which, man. HOW had I not seen that before? Great song, vampires, the gayest thing ever (and yes, I have seen the first episode of season three of True Blood ZING), and even more religion, and just delight all around.

Also, have you seen Gaga Stigmata? Proof that…well, proof of a lot of things, foremost that there is no one who won’t think of using an Internet blog to get a book deal. Enjoy?

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