Credit in the straight world

So, I was telling Yoni, my brother, that after hearing about how it is supposed to be really good despite this:

This is Courtney Love

I finally downloaded the first Hole album, the one that everyone brings up when they say “But when they first met, Courtney was actually doing better than Kurt!” Which, shut up, we still know Courtney killed Kurt. Anyway, as I was telling Yoni, its actually really good.

Which is surprising for a variety of reasons

Like really good. “How disappointing!” we both said. “It was nice to just hate Courtney, unequivocally.” Its sadder now, knowing that she is a mess and she wasn’t always.

“How sad for you,” said Yoni.

“Well,” I said, “I get a new album to listen to, that I like, a lot.

“Obviously,” said Yoni, “you don’t get the point of music.”

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